Experience the enjoyment to develop one's personal Springfield, combined with trademark Simpsons humor.
The Simpsons Tapped Out
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The Sims Mobile cheats is a city building game based on the popular FOX show of the same name. It was released on the App Store to critical acclaim back in 2012 and ever since then, has gone from strength to strength. Your mission, to rebuild Springfield after Homer accidentally destroys it in a Nuclear blast - sounds simple enough.

The Sims Mobile cheats is unlike other city building games currently available on the market. Complete with a whole host of your favorite TV characters, you'll need to send characters on hilarious missions like ''Make Apu feed the octuplets'' in order to advance the game. You'll also get the chance to build some of shows most iconic buildings like the Krusty Burger, the First Church of Springfield and even the Flanders residence.

Each character you unlock, be it Lisa, Cletus or Snake, all come with their own set of tasks and missions that will help you advance the progression of your Springfield. Each of the missions include dialogue that is often funny and sometimes a bit sarcastic, but it's all in good fun!

You'll be given a chance not only to rebuild Springfield, but also to rebuild the Springfield Squidport and Krustyland. Each of these new areas come with exclusive buildings and even more characters for you to collect and help populate your Springfield. Buildings like 'My First Tattoo' where Bart can contemplate getting a tattoo, even if Marge is against it or The Tooth Chipper, where the kids of Springfield take their lives in their hands to ride the worlds most dangerous roller coaster.

If you think that's all the Springfield has to offer, you'd be wrong. Every now and then special events take place in Springfield that offer you exclusive buildings, decorations and characters that won't be available after the event ends. The kind of events that take place vary, often depending on the time of year. There are the obvious ones like Halloween and Christmas, then ones like Whacking Day which was based off of one of the series most memorable episodes.

The Sims Mobile cheats will have you tapping away on your phone for hours not even realizing that so much time has passed. You'll find yourself designing and redesigning your Springfield to suit your style, and to make sure any new content that's added fits the overall scheme of your Springfield and with 25 seasons, a movie and comic books to take content from, it's safe to say that this game isn't going anywhere any time soon.
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